How to create a VDO resource in cluster using 'vdo-vol' resource agent ?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 8 (with the High Availability Add-On)
  • VDO


  • How can I create a resource in cluster to manage VDO device ?


  • Create a VDO device over a shared storage
# multipath -ll
mpathb (360014053a0ff9304b20436d96cd83816) dm-4 LIO-ORG,2node_rhel8-3
size=10.0G features='0' hwhandler='1 alua' wp=rw
|-+- policy='service-time 0' prio=50 status=active
| `- 3:0:0:2 sde 8:64 active ready running
`-+- policy='service-time 0' prio=50 status=enabled
  `- 4:0:0:2 sdg 8:96 active ready running
  • Create a VDO device:
[root@rh8-nd1 ~]# vdo create --name=vdo_test --device=/dev/mapper/mpathb --vdoLogicalSize=30G
Creating VDO vdo_test
Starting VDO vdo_test
Starting compression on VDO vdo_test
VDO instance 0 volume is ready at /dev/mapper/vdo_test

[root@rh8-nd1 ~]# vdostats 
Device               1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Space saving%
/dev/mapper/vdo_test  10481664   4194456   6287208  40%            0%

NOTE: With the command vdo create, it creates a file /etc/vdoconf.yml locally on the node on which the command was executed.

  • Stop & Disable the VDO service on all the cluster nodes:
# systemctl stop vdo.service; systemctl disable vdo.service 
  • Perform scp of the yml file which got created over to other cluster members (The default location is /etc/vdoconf.yml).

  • Create a VDO resource using vdo-vol resource agent:

# pcs resource create vdo vdo-vol config="/etc/vdoconf.yml" volume="vdo_test"
  • Validate the status of cluster
# pcs resource status
 vdo    (ocf::heartbeat:vdo-vol):   Started node2

# pcs resource config vdo
 Resource: vdo (class=ocf provider=heartbeat type=vdo-vol)
  Attributes: config=/etc/vdoconf.yml volume=vdo_test
  Operations: monitor interval=10s start-delay=10s timeout=20s (vdo-monitor-interval-10s)
              start interval=0s timeout=60s (vdo-start-interval-0s)
              stop interval=0s timeout=60s (vdo-stop-interval-0s)
  • Perform a failover test so as to confirm that the resource gets started on member node as well.
  • For more details over resource agent vdo-vol, please refer to below command:
# pcs resource describe vdo-vol

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