rhosp14-beta cannot pull "openstack-qdrouterd" for undercloud

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  • Red Hat OpenStack 14 Beta


  • Out of all the containers needed for installing containerized undercloud only qdrouterd is marked with a key symbol and cannot be pulled.

    openstack undercloud install
  • Gives the following error.

    undercloud_install.sh: ImageUploaderException: Error inspecting image: docker://registry.access.redhat.com/rhosp14-beta/openstack-qdrouterd:latest
    undercloud_install.sh: time="2018-11-21T01:07:49-05:00" level=fatal msg="Error reading manifest latest in registry.access.redhat.com/rhosp14-beta/openstack-qdrouterd: unknown: Not Found" 


  • The issue has been tracked on following BZ: 1651890

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