subscription-manager register is encountering (Unable to verify server identity: (104,Connection reset by peer)) error on Red Hat Satellite 6 clients

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6,7
  • Red Hat Satellite 6.x
  • Security tool ds_agent/ds_filter


  • Client machines are getting below network errors when registering to Red Hat Satellite Server:
# subscription-manager register --force --org="RedHat" --activationkey="Dev"
Unable to verify server's identity: (104, 'Connection reset by peer')
Network error, unable to connect to server. Please see /var/log/rhsm/rhsm.log for more information.


  • ds_agent and ds_filter security tool was running on the client . After stopping the ds_agent and ds_filter service on the client and re-registering client to the Red Hat Satellite was successful .
# service ds_agent stop
# service ds_filter stop
# subscription-manager register --force --org="name" --activationkey="key"
The system with UUID 510d964c-b366-49c6-bb7c-65fe5d917304 has been unregistered
The system has been registered with ID: 3e8578a7-af15-4fb4-b965-f24aa352f3ad

Root Cause

  • ds_agent and ds_filter security tool was running on the clients.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Check whether the ds_agent security tool running on clients or not.
root        1441  0.0  0.3 203111  6732 ?        S    10:23   0:00 /opt/ds_agent/ds_agent -w /var/opt/ds_agent -b -i -e /opt/ds_agent/ext
root        1552  0.1  6.4 116111 123742 ?      Sl   10:23   0:07 /opt/ds_agent/ds_agent -w /var/opt/ds_agent -b -i -e /opt/ds_agent/ext
root        1514  0.0  0.0 116111  6732 ?        S    10:24   0:00 /opt/ds_agent ds_am -g ../diag -v 5 -d /var/opt/ds_agent/am -m /opt/ds_agent/lib/ -m /opt/ds_agent/lib/ -m /opt/ds_agent/lib/ rtscan_hook_enable=1 -m /opt/ds_agent/lib/
root        6732  0.5  5.5 203111 103112 ?      Sl   10:24   0:21 /opt/ds_agent ds_am -g ../diag -v 5 -d /var/opt/ds_agent/am -m /opt/ds_agent/lib/libvmpd_full_scan.123742 -m /opt/ds_agent/lib/ -m /opt/ds_agent/lib/ rtscan_hook_enable=1 -m /opt/ds_agent/lib/

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In my client ds_agent and ds_filter was not running but still im getting the same error.