Does BPM Suite 6 provide out of the box feature to integrate with CMS?

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Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite (BPMS) 6


  • Does BPM Suite 6 provide out of the box feature to integrate with Content Management System?
  • What would be the approach for integration with CMS system?
  • In order to upload a file on BPM, it is necessary to call up an external service or are there internal APIs?


BPM Suite 6 ships and supports the Pluggable Variable Persistence mechanism, as well as the default Document storage strategy defined by the DocumentStorageService class as mentioned in BPM Suite User Guide.

The documentation states that it is possible to custom a persistence strategy, but this integration with external systems (i.e. OpenCmis, Google Drive, etc) is currently not supported. jbpm-open-cmis is an unsupported sample project which could be used as reference. The existing ObjectMarshallingStrategy class is an implementation for storing and retrieving data from CMIS compatible systems.

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