Rsyslog have unkown log entries "rsyslogd:imjournal: journal reloaded" in /var/log/messages

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  • kernel-3.10.0-693.2.2.el7.x86_64
  • rsyslog-8.24.0-12.el7.x86_64


After upgrading rsyslog from v7 to v8, there are some unknown log entries in /var/log/messages which are listed as following. And the message's type shows as syslog.err.

Sep 23 00:18:01 <syslog.err> rhel7u4 yum rsyslogd:imjournal: journal reloaded... [v8.24.0 try ]
Sep 23 08:39:01 <syslog.err> rhel7u4 yum rsyslogd:imjournal: journal reloaded... [v8.24.0 try ]
Sep 23 17:00:01 <syslog.err> rhel7u4 yum rsyslogd:imjournal: journal reloaded... [v8.24.0 try ]
Sep 24 01:23:02 <syslog.err> rhel7u4 yum rsyslogd:imjournal: journal reloaded... [v8.24.0 try ]


These messages are of notice character and can be ignored.

Update to rsyslog-8.24.0-12.el7_4.7 shipped with Advisory RHBA-2018:1152 or newer.

Root Cause

Previously, when upgrading the rsyslog package from version 7 to 8, unexpected internal log entries were marked as ERROR messages in the /var/log/messages file. This bug has been fixed, and rsyslog now displays such entries with the NOTICE severity level.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Such message doesn't appear in rsyslog v7. However, this message appears after upgrading to rsyslog v8.

  • Check the rsyslog code in upstream, it shows the correct log level is syslog.notice.

LogMsg(0, RS_RET_OK, LOG_NOTICE, "imjournal: journal reloaded...");
+   } else if (jr < 0) {
+       char errStr[256];
        rs_strerror_r(errno, errStr, sizeof(errStr));
-       errmsg.LogError(0, RS_RET_ERR,
+       LogError(0, RS_RET_ERR,
            "sd_journal_process() failed: '%s'", errStr);
  • This behavior is added in this version of rsyslog and these logs are normal and expected.

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