How to get rule information programatically in JBoss BRMS 6.1?

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  • Red Hat JBoss BRMS (BRMS) 6.1


  • Is there any class to get information about business process, rules etc?
  • There is a need to read each and every rule and get the rule information like it's package, salience, rule flow group etc..
  • How to get information from rules programatically in JBoss BRMS 6.1?


It is possible to get rule information by using org.drools.core.definitions.rule.impl.RuleImpl internal class that contains all data from a rule as follows:

    Collection<KiePackage> kPackages = kSession.getKieBase().getKiePackages();
    for (KiePackage nextPackage : kPackages) {
        Collection<Rule> rules = nextPackage.getRules();
        for (Rule nextRule : rules) {
        RuleImpl r = (RuleImpl) nextRule;
        System.out.println(" ------------------ ");
        System.out.println("Package: " + r.getPackageName() + " - Rule Name: " + r.getName() + " - Dialect: " + r.getDialect());

If you need further details from LHS/RHS data, in RuleImpl class it is possible to find a reference to the input stream of the given rule file. So you could also retrieve that data. Please see a sample ( attached.

Note: Since it is an internal class its code can be changed in a next release or update. Therefore we can not guarantee that it will maintain the same code between updates.


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