RHEL 4 system deadlock during the backup using NFS

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  • System hang during the backup
  • rpciod becomes blocked and can't flush pages that are blocking it
  • When the customer was taking a backup via dump command, the system hung. The destination of the backup is NFS server that didn't have any problem.
PID: 29338  TASK: f59fd7b0  CPU: 0   COMMAND: "rpciod"
#0 [e1103a40] schedule at c02d69bd
#1 [e1103aa4] __sched_text_start at c02d5f90
#2 [e1103ad8] __down_failed at c02d6107
#3 [e1103ae8] .text.lock.inode (via prune_icache) at c0173c3f
#4 [e1103b10] shrink_icache_memory at c0172e9d
#5 [e1103b14] shrink_slab at c014a39d
#6 [e1103b44] try_to_free_pages at c014b4be
#7 [e1103b9c] __alloc_pages at c01448f3
#8 [e1103bd0] ip_append_data at c029f3c3
#9 [e1103c24] udp_sendmsg at c02b8bb3
#10 [e1103d2c] inet_sendmsg at c02bec62
#11 [e1103d44] sock_sendmsg at c027b872
#12 [e1103e2c] kernel_sendmsg at c027b8b2
#13 [e1103e38] sock_no_sendpage at c027e7d1
#14 [e1103e80] xdr_sendpages at f8fbc507
#15 [e1103f04] xprt_transmit at f8fb4a3e
#16 [e1103f34] call_transmit at f8fb2cf4
#17 [e1103f3c] __rpc_execute at f8fb5f09
#18 [e1103f94] __rpc_schedule at f8fb6224
#19 [e1103fa0] rpciod at f8fb6965
#20 [e1103ff0] kernel_thread_helper at c01041f3


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.4
  • NFS client

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