Satellite bare metal static IP Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 kickstart stops and prompts for TCP/IP information before continuing.

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  • Red Hat Network Satellite 5.5
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6


  • Bare metal kickstart from Satellite fails to complete due to lack of static IP information.


  • The boot prompt kernel line on the client should read:
vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img ks=http://<FQDN or IP of Satellite server>/ks/cfg/org/1/label/<kickstart profile name> ip=<static IP of client> netmask=<netmask of client network in 255 format> gateway=<GW of client network> dns=<DNS IP> ksdevice=link 

NOTE: For RHEL 6 there are no proceeding "--" before each option here.

  • Then within the kickstart profile on the Satellite's webui the Advanced Options 'network' line should read:
--bootproto=static --device=ethX --onboot=on --ip=<static IP of client> --netmask=<netmask of client network in 255 format> --gateway=<GW of client network> --dns=<DNS IP>

NOTE: Each is preceded by '--'.

Root Cause

  • When using static IP addresses with bare metal kickstarts the IP information must be specified on the ks= kernel line to initiate the kickstart and within the kickstart profile itself. If not anaconda will prompt for the information and stop the kickstart.

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