RHDS - How to disable 'simple paged results'

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  • Red Hat Directory Server (RHDS) 9.x and 10.x


  • I'm not able to deactivate 'simple paged results' on RHDS.


  • It is not possible to deactivate 'simple paged results' on the RHDS server-side.
  • The option is controlled by the client and is disabled by default.
  • As an example it can be enabled by the following command, with the -E parameter:

    $ ldapsearch -xLLL -H ldap://localhost -b dc=example,dc=com -E pr=5/noprompt dn

Root Cause

  • The 'simple paged results' option is part of the LDAP protocol and is supported by RHDS
  • If the client requests 'simple paged results' RHDS will provide the requested results per page
  • For details see RHDS 10 - Administration Guide

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