What happened to the Mozilla packages in Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise 3, and 4.
  • mozilla
  • seamonkey


  • Since May 2006, the Mozilla Foundation no longer maintains the Mozilla Application Suite with updates and security fixes.
  • The SeaMonkey project is a community effort to deliver production-quality releases of code derived from the former Mozilla Application Suite.


  • Red Hat is therefore providing updates for Red Hat Enterprise Linux that replace the Mozilla Application Suite with SeaMonkey. The immediate benefits are that there is an assured stream of bug fixes, security fixes, and new features with SeaMonkey. Our decision was based on the high importance of maintaining a secure and reliable product.
  • Customers who currently have mozilla packages installed and who update their systems using the up2date tool will notice that the mozilla packages are replaced by seamonkey.

Please note that the ABI/API for plug-ins and applications explicitly using the Mozilla interfaces will change and therefore some applications and plug-ins may need to be updated.

  • For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 customers, Mozilla Application Suite was replaced by SeaMonkey in the scheduled Update 8 on 20th July 2006.
  • For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 customers, Mozilla Application Suite was replaced by SeaMonkey in a security erratum on 2nd August 2006. The SeaMonkey packages will also be part of the scheduled Update 4 release.

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