Cannot run perfharness demo in Apache ActiveMQ distribution

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  • JBoss A-MQ 6.2.1
  • JBoss A-MQ 6.2
  • JBoss A-MQ 6.1.1
  • JBoss A-MQ 6.1
  • JBoss A-MQ 6.0
  • Fuse MessageBroker 5.x


  • I cannot run demo examples/other/perfharness from extras/apace-activemq-<version>.zip of my JBoss A-MQ installation.
  • The perfharness demo of the Apache ActiveMQ distribution in JBoss A-MQ does not work and raises
    Error: Could not find or load main class JMSPerfHarness.


The demo is broken. It refers to an external perfharness.jar, whose download link is broken.
The demo will be removed in future versions of the Apache ActiveMQ distribution.

Root Cause

Bug ENTMQ-1552 / bug AMQ-6167.
The required third party jar file perfharness.jar is not available for download anymore.
However it can be manually built from

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There is also bug MB-960 which was raised for Fuse Message Broker 5.x.