While registering system to RHN Classic Hosted or Satellite 5, getting "Error Class Code: 70" - Subscription Exhausted

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  • Red Hat Satellite 5.x
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)


  • Can't register system with rhn_register command, it fails with Error Class Code: 70
  • While trying to register systems, encountered an error subscription exhausted
  • While registering a system to Red Hat Satellite 5 getting Error Class Code: 70
  • Cannot register system fails with Error Class Code: 70
        Error Class Code: 70 
        Error Class Info: 
             All available subscriptions for the requested channel have been exhausted. 
             Please contact a Red Hat Network Sales associate. 
             An error has occurred while processing your request. If this problem 
             persists please enter a bug report at bugzilla.redhat.com. 
             If you choose to submit the bug report, please be sure to include 
             details of what you were trying to do when this error occurred and 
             details on how to reproduce this problem. 
  • Unable to register new client system for particular organisation with rhnreg_ks command, it fails with Error Class Code: 70


  1. Delete extra/inactive system profiles from Red Hat Satelltie 5, or purchase additional subscriptions as needed.

    • If no channel entitlement is available, you need to delete any
      listed system profiles or purchase entitlements to have a free slot
      for use.

    • Make sure the system has the correct redhat-release package
      installed and no other third-party package provides redhat-release. If Oracle
      was recently installed the redhat-release and redhat-release-notes packages may
      have been replaced by enterprise-release and enterprise-release-notes supplied by
      Oracle. This will need to be reverted.

  2. This error can also happen while registering a server with virtualization; make sure to use a rhn-client-tools from version 0.4.20(major release number). Alternatively, this error can be triggered if trying to register a physical system and only subscriptions for virtual systems are available.

  3. If using Red Hat Satellite 5, sync client's base channel on Satellite:

    # satellite-sync -c <channel>
  • To see the list of channels that can be synced on Satellite, run the following command:

    # satellite-sync -l
  • Note that the channel sync can take quite a while (it has to pull down all the packages and associated metadata from the Red Hat Network). Wait until the satellite-sync is complete, then try to register the client again.

  • If the RHEL version has reached EOL (End of Life) you won't be able to register systems to Satellite.
  • For additional issues involving Error Class Code: 70 see Error Class Code: 70.

Root Cause

  • Error Class Code: 70 is given when existing subscriptions have been used and there are no free slots to register the system. The error message is also triggered when a system is not able to find the correct base channel name during registration.

  • Error Class Code: 70 is also given when registration attempt is made on an End-of-Life product, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.  Bugzillas have been filed to return a more specific error for those cases:

    RHN Classic: Generic/unclear message when attempting to register client on End-of-Life product (e.g., RHEL 3)

  • Client's base channel is not synced on Satellite 5 server.

  • If facing issue with Red Hat Satellite 5.7 [with spacewalk-backend-2.3.3-39.el6sat package version], then it is known issue and is being tracked in bugzilla 1320025. As a workaround, downgrade spacewalk-backend package to lower version on satellite and restart service.
# yum downgrade spacewalk-backend*
# rhn-satellite restart

Diagnostic Steps

  • To check the RHEL version :

    # cat /etc/redhat-release 
  • On your Satellite:
    Go to the Admin tab and then click on each of the Organizations in the list, then go to the Subscriptions tab for that organization, and look at System Entitlements and Software Channel Entitlements subtabs. Add up the total allotted (maximum) entitlements for each organization on the Satellite, not just entitlements that are currently consumed by systems.
    For Virtualization entitlements, check how many regular (aka physical) and flex guest entitlements are consumed then see if the total consumed is less than the quantity present in certificate. For example, if certificate has name="channel-families" flex="93" quantity="169" family="rhel-server" then 93 flex guest systems can be registered to the Satellite and 169-93 = 76 regular systems can be registered.

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None of the proposed solutions does work for us. We keep getting the error.

Hello Adri,

We will be happy to find exact issue at your end and help you in solving it,

Can you please open Service Request with Red Hat technical support ? so we can assist you better.


I have open case. So far no resolution.

I try to register Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4 but i can't, i have a class code 70