Is it possible to configure http proxy for katello-disconnected on Red Hat Satellite v 6 disconnected server?

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  • Red Hat Satellite v 6
  • Katello-disconnected
  • HTTP proxy


  • Is it possible to configure http proxy for disconnected Red Hat Satellite v 6 server?
  • How to setup http proxy for katello-disconnected?


It is possible to set HTTP proxy settings in the Red Hat Satellite disconnected server manually. To configure the HTTP proxy settings:

1) Add extra settings to the following files in the Synchronization Server:


2) Add these settings to the files above:

     "proxy_host" : "proxy_url",
     "proxy_port" : proxy_port,
     "proxy_username" : "username",
     "proxy_password" : "password"


# cat /etc/pulp/server/plugins.conf.d/yum_importer.json 
     "proxy_host" : "http://xx.xx.xx.xx",
     "proxy_port" : XXXX,
     "proxy_username" : "",
     "proxy_password" : ""

3) Note: Be careful when editing JSON files. The files must contain all the settings listed above even if the proxy does not require a username or password. Use the following if no username or password is required:

     "proxy_username" : "",
     "proxy_password" : ""

4) Restart all the Synchronization Server related services.

# service qpidd restart
# service mongod restart
# service httpd restart
# service pulp_workers restart
# service pulp_resource_manager  restart

5) Enable a new repository and sync it to test:

For example, adding a new repo that has not been sync "rhel-6-server-rh-common-rpms-6Server-x86_64" :

# katello-disconnected enable -r rhel-6-server-rh-common-rpms-6Server-x86_64 
# katello-disconnected configure
# katello-disconnected sync

6) To monitor the running sync task, run below command:

# katello-disconnected watch

or watch the tail of /var/log/messages for pulp activities.

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