Satellite 6: Execute bulk remote commands and download / updates for multiple systems with Satellite 6 (like SSM in Satellite 5)

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  • Red Hat Satellite v.6
  • katello


  • Execute bulk remote commands and download / updates for multiple systems with Satellite 6 (like SSM in Satellite 5)


  • Currently there is no such feature available with Satellite 6.

  • A feature request has been filed for the issue and is being worked upon by engineering team, for more information refer our bugzilla link : Bug 1187100.

  • For any further queries please contact Red Hat Technical Support.

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This can be achieve with the following foreman plugin after that you going to have job templates in hosts tab just create a new job template for example
Template that allow install remove and update packages

Name: Package Actions
die() {
echo "${1}, exiting..."
exit $2

<% unless input("pre_script").blank? -%>

Pre Script

<%= input("pre_script") %>
[ $RETVAL -eq 0 ] || die "Pre script failed" $RETVAL
<% end -%>

<% if == 'Redhat' -%>
yum -y <%= input("action") %> <%= input("package") %>
<% elsif == 'Debian' -%>
apt-get -y <%= input("action") %> <%= input("package") %>
<% end -%>
[ $RETVAL -eq 0 ] || die "Package action failed" $RETVAL

<% unless input("post_script").blank? -%>

Post Script

<%= input("post_script") %>
[ $RETVAL -eq 0 ] || die "Post script failed" $RETVAL
<% end -%>

Go to job tab
Job name:Package Actions
Provider type:sshexecutorprovider

Name: pre-script
input type:user input
Description: pre-script before package install update or remove

Name: package
input type:user input
Description: name of the package

Name: action
input type:user input
Description: The package action: install, update, or remove

input type:user input
Description: Post script needed after package installed,removed or update

After this save the template and go to hosts-->all hosts tick the host that you want to apply the job and in the top right side next to new host button is going to appear a new button select action just click there and click run job

Choose the job name and provide any input necessary for the job complete.

With this you can deploy any command to the host via ssh as remote commands.

Source code here

As per kb, it seems it is fixed. please confirm