No Fuse cartridge available in Openshift subscriptions

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  • Openshift Environment
    • 2.2


  • In Openshift subscription we do not have access to fuse cartridge which is available into rhel-6-server-ose-2.2-jbossfuse-rpms. How to get this channel.
  • How to get access to fuse channel in Opensift.


There are two ways to get evaluations for the Red Hat Fuse on OpenShift environment as follows:

1.) Anyone new to OpenShift or need an evaluation for OpenShift to test the product they need to have SER0424 60 Day Supported OpenShift Enterprise, 2 core, 8 GB Evaluation.

2.) Anyone who already have OpenShift and will be evaluating the addons in that pre-existing environment, all they need are the Fuse addons themselves. These are the SKU for that addon evaluation.

MW00061 90 day supported Fuse for xPaaS Evaluation
MW00062 90 day supported A-MQ for xPaaS Evaluation
MW00063 90 day self-supported Fuse for xPaaS Evaluation
MW00064 90 day self-supported A-MQ for xPaaS Evaluation

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