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Does Red Hat support the XFCE Desktop Environment on Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Updated 2013-04-17T20:46:24+00:00


  • Why are XFCE desktop environment rpms are not available from RHN?
  • How can the XFCE Desktop Manager be installed in RHEL?


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4/5/6
  • XFCE Desktop Environment


The XFCE Desktop Environment is not provided for RHEL. There was an existing request for inclusion of XFCE in RHEL but project management denied it with the reason of "inability to manage third graphic environment"

> Official Statement. 
There is no plan to add into RHEL XFCE. We Understand That There Are niche cases Where It is 
of interest, But we do not see a business to support Justification another (3rd) Desktop 
Metaphor. A locked-down Gnome is the solution to pursue here. Alternatively XFCE Could Be a 
subject for the EPEL community.

However, Customer can install XFCE from source "",without any form of support.