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How to create a cloned/custom channel from a specific update level on Red Hat Network Satellite v5.3 or later?

Updated 2014-03-07T13:19:07+00:00


  • How can I create a channel from a specific update level of a release? (Example RHEL 5.1)

  • How can I download manifest files for each of the point releases? (to update the ./data/ directory)

  • What is spacewalk-create-channel utility and How to create a clone of the Red Hat channels as per the RHEL update level, for example RHEL 5.2?

  • How to create a base channel linked to the minor release of RHEL (example RHEL 5.3) in order to subscribe systems to it to receive updates only up to that minor release and not the latest updates?

  • How to maintain separately different minor versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux with RHN Satellite?

  • Can we create a RHEL channel for a specific (lower) version of RHEL?

  • How to create a static custom channel for specific version of RHEL release?


  • Red Hat Network Satellite 5.3 and later

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