Chapter 18. Key Usage Extension

The GenExtKeyUsage tool creates a base-64 encoded blob that adds ExtendedKeyUsage (OID to the certificate. This blob is pasted into the certificate approval page when the certificate is created.

18.1. Syntax

The GenExtKeyUsage tool has the following syntax:
GenExtKeyUsage [true|false] OID ...

Table 18.1. 

Option Description
true | false Sets the criticality. true means the extension is critical; false means it is not critical. The criticality value is used during the certificate validation process. If an extension is marked as critical, then the path validation software must be capable of interpreting that extension.
OID The OID numbers that represent each certificate type selected for the certificate.

For more information on the OIDs that can be used for each certificate type, refer to appendix A, "Certificate and CRL Extensions," in the Certificate System Administrator's Guide.