11.2.2. Submitting Certificate Requests

There are three ways to submit a certificate request. The best method for submitting a request depends on how the request was created.
  • Through the Console's Certificate Wizard. The final screen when creating a certificate request through the subsystem administrative console has the option to submit the request automatically to a specified Certificate System CA. This is only possible for subsystem certificate requests created through the Console.
  • Through the Certificate System CA end-entities page. The Certificate Manager end-entities services page has a list of different enrollment forms for submitting certificate requests, depending on the subsystem and purpose of the certificate. Certificates created through the Console or through the certutil command-line utility can be submitted through an enrollment form.
  • Through a third-party CA. Outside CAs, such as VeriSign, have online or other types of certificate request enrollments; the requests created by the Certificate System administrative console can be submitted there. Submitting Certificate Requests through the Console

To send the certificate signing request automatically to a Certificate System Certificate Manager using the wizard, select the Send the request to a remote Certificate System now checkbox.
Submitting the Certificate Request

Figure 11.10. Submitting the Certificate Request

  • Host name . The fully-qualified host name of the Certificate System CA.
  • EE port number . The end-entity port number.
  • Yes, it's the SSL secure server port . Indicates that the end entity port number specified is the SSL port.
The certificate wizard returns a request ID for the request, which can be used in the end-entities page later, and the request is queued for agent approval. When the request is approved, the CA signs the certificate and contacts the email address in the request. Once the certificate has been issued, use the request ID to import the certificate into the wizard. Alternatively, install the certificate as described in Section, “Installing Certificates through the Console”.