Red Hat Secure Web Server 1.0 Errata

  • SSL Server

    Updated: 17-Aug-1998


    • (17-Aug-1998)Security Fix: A denial of service attack against the apache web server has been fixed.
    • (17-Aug-1998)Security Fix: A security hole has been found with some SSL connections. This updated RPM fixes this problem.


    • These packages are distributed as a rhmask file to comply with our patent licensing agreements with RSA Data Security, Inc. for their encryption technology. To use them, you need to use the 'rhmask' utility which is distributed as a part of Red Hat Linux. If you do not already have it installed, please install it from your Red Hat Linux CD or ftp site before proceeding.

      The new packages can be found on in the secure web server errata directory.

      To produce installable RPM files from the rhmask files, do the following:

      Download the rhmasked RPM's
      Red Hat 4.2 (libc5) systems should download
      Red Hat 5.x (glibc2) systems should download

      Un-rhmask the RPM's

      Copy the rhmask rpms and the original rpms to /tmp and execute the following commands:

      For Red Hat 4.2 systems.

      rhmask apache-ssl-1.2.6-1.i386.rpm apache-ssl-1.2.6-3.i386.rpm.rhmask
      rhmask apache-ssl-utils-1.2.6-1.i386.rpm apache-ssl-utils-1.2.6-3.i386.rpm.rhmask

      For Red Hat 5.x systems.

      rhmask apache-ssl-1.2.6-1glibc.i386.rpm apache-ssl-1.2.6-3glibc.i386.rpm.rhmask
      rhmask apache-ssl-utils-1.2.6-1glibc.i386.rpm apache-ssl-utils-1.2.6-3glibc.i386.rpm.rhmask

      The original RPMs are located only on your Secure Web Server CD, and cannot be obtained via the Internet. Note: if you do not have the original RPMs located in the same directory as the rhmask file, you will need to prefix the name of the RPMs with the full path name to their location (i.e. on your installation CD).

      Once the new packages have been created, you can upgrade to them with:

      Red Hat 4.2:

      rpm -Uvh apache-ssl-utils-1.2.6-3.i386.rpm
      rpm -Uvh apache-ssl-1.2.6-3.i386.rpm

      Red Hat 5.x:

      rpm -Uvh apache-ssl-utils-1.2.6-3glibc.i386.rpm
      rpm -Uvh apache-ssl-1.2.6-3glibc.i386.rpm

      To restart your Secure Web server, do the following:

      /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpsd restart

      These packages have been PGP signed by Red Hat.