Red Hat Linux 6.1 Powertools Errata

2002-03-11   vnc-doc (RHSA-2002:027)   Vulnerability in zlib library (powertools)
2002-01-05   xsane-gimp (RHSA-2001:172)   Updated SANE and XSane packages fix temporary file handling vulnerabilities
2001-01-24   micq (RHSA-2001:005)   New micq packages are available
2001-01-24   icecast (RHSA-2001:004)   String format vulnerability in icecast
2000-12-13   BitchX (RHSA-2000:126)   New BitchX packages are available
2000-11-29   Ethereal (RHSA-2000:116)   Ethereal vulnerable to buffer overflows
2000-08-08   mopd_linux (RHSA-2000:050)   mopd-linux buffer overflow
2000-07-03   imwheel (RHSA-2000:016)   Multiple local imwheel vulnerabilities
2000-06-07   kdelibs (RHSA-2000:032)   kdelibs vulnerability for suid-root KDE applications
2000-05-31   majordomo (RHSA-2000:005)   New majordomo packages available