Security Errata for Red Hat Linux 6.1
2002-01-17   enscript (RHSA-2002-012)   Updated enscript packages fix temporary file handling vulnerabilities
2001-01-15   glibc-devel (RHSA-2001-002)   glibc local write access vulnerability
2000-12-19   slocate (RHSA-2000-128)   New slocate packages available to fix local group slocate compromise
2000-12-06   ed (RHSA-2000-123)   stunnel format-string syslog
2000-12-01   tcsh (RHSA-2000-121)   Updated tcsh packages are now available for Red Hat Linux.
2000-12-01   PAM (RHSA-2000-120)   Updated PAM packages available.
2000-11-27   bind (RHSA-2000-107)   Updated bind packages fixing DoS attack available
2000-11-27   nss_ldap (RHSA-2000-024)   Updated nss_ldap packages are now available.
2000-11-27   usermode (RHSA-2000-075)   Updated usermode packages available
2000-11-27   gnorpm (RHSA-2000-072)   Updated gnorpm packages are available for Red Hat Linux 6.1, 6.2, and 7.0
2000-11-27   pine, imap (RHSA-2000-102)   Updated pine and imap packages are available for Red Hat Linux 5.2, 6.x and 7
2000-11-27   bash (RHSA-2000-117)   Updated bash (1.x) packages for Red Hat Linux 5.x, 6.x available
2000-11-26   ghostscript (RHSA-2000-114)   ghostscript uses mktemp instead of mkstemp, and uses an improper LD_RUN_PATH
2000-10-23   ypbind (RHSA-2000-086)   ypbind for Red Hat Linux 5.x, 6.x has a local root exploit
2000-10-09   usermode (RHSA-2000-075)   Updated usermode packages available
2000-10-06   esound (RHSA-2000-077)   esound contains a race condition
2000-10-06   traceroute (RHSA-2000-078)   traceroute setuid root exploit with multiple -g options
2000-10-04   lpr (RHSA-2000-066)   lpr has a format string security bug, LPRng compat issues, and a race cond.
2000-09-18   syslog (RHSA-2000-061)   syslog format vulnerability in klogd
2000-08-30   mailx and perl (RHSA-2000-048)   Updated mailx and perl packages are now available.
2000-08-29   nfs (RHSA-2000-043)   Revised advisory: Updated package for nfs-utils available
2000-07-26   gpm (RHSA-2000-045)   gpm security flaws have been addressed
2000-07-03   man (RHSA-2000-041)   man package's 'makewhatis' uses insecure handling of files in /tmp
2000-06-26   kernel (RHSA-2000-037)   New Linux kernel fixes security bug
2000-06-16   Emacs (RHSA-2000-036)   New emacs packages available
2000-04-21   openldap (RHSA-2000-012)   New openldap packages
2000-03-30   ircii (RHSA-2000-008)   ircii buffer overflow
2000-03-06   nmh (RHSA-2000-006)   New nmh packages available
1999-12-03   ORBit, esound, and gnome (RHSA-1999-058)   new ORBit, esound, and gnome-core packages
1999-11-30   initscripts (RHSA-1999-052)   new initscripts packages available (/tmp race)
1999-10-27   ypserv (RHSA-1999-046)   security problems with ypserv
1999-10-20   screen (RHSA-1999-042)   screen defaults to not using Unix98 ptys
Bug Fixes Errata for Red Hat Linux 6.1
2000-05-23   libtiff (RHBA-2000-026)   Updated libtiff packages are now available.
2000-01-03   sharutils (RHBA-1999-063)   Y2K compliant sharutils available
1999-12-30   apache (RHBA-1999-062)   Apache bugfix release available for Red Hat Linux 6.1
Enhancement Errata for Red Hat Linux 6.1
2000-11-10   openldap (RHEA-2000-105)   OpenLDAP available for Red Hat Linux 6.x
2000-11-10   kerberos (RHEA-2000-103)   Kerberos 5 packages available for Red Hat Linux 6.x
2000-01-11   nethack (RHEA-2000-003)   nethack and cbb Y2K updates
1999-12-15   linuxconf (RHEA-1999-060)   linuxconf update fixes various errata
1999-12-03   gnome (RHEA-1999-059)   October GNOME packages available
1999-11-23   timetool (RHEA-1999-056)   Synopsis for timetool
1999-11-08   ppp (RHEA-1999-051)   PPP rp3 double-dial twice SIGHUP ppp-watch
1999-11-05   lynx (RHEA-1999-050)   Improved version of lynx available
1999-11-01   rp3 (RHEA-1999-048)   rp3 multiple modem and old configuration fixes
1999-10-28   e2fsprogs (RHEA-1999-047)   new e2fsprogs packages available
1999-10-22   Installer Images (RHEA-1999-045)   Installer updates for Red Hat 6.1
1999-10-18   ICP Vortex (RHEA-1999-000)   ICP Vortex driver disk available for Red Hat Linux 6.1