Security Errata for Red Hat Linux 6.0
2002-01-17   enscript (RHSA-2002-012)   Updated enscript packages fix temporary file handling vulnerabilities
2001-01-15   glibc-devel (RHSA-2001-002)   glibc local write access vulnerability
2000-12-19   slocate (RHSA-2000-128)   New slocate packages available to fix local group slocate compromise
2000-12-06   ed (RHSA-2000-123)   stunnel format-string syslog
2000-12-01   tcsh (RHSA-2000-121)   Updated tcsh packages are now available for Red Hat Linux.
2000-12-01   PAM (RHSA-2000-120)   Updated PAM packages available.
2000-11-27   bind (RHSA-2000-107)   Updated bind packages fixing DoS attack available
2000-11-27   usermode (RHSA-2000-075)   Updated usermode packages available
2000-11-27   pine, imap (RHSA-2000-102)   Updated pine and imap packages are available for Red Hat Linux 5.2, 6.x and 7
2000-11-27   bash (RHSA-2000-117)   Updated bash (1.x) packages for Red Hat Linux 5.x, 6.x available
2000-11-26   ghostscript (RHSA-2000-114)   ghostscript uses mktemp instead of mkstemp, and uses an improper LD_RUN_PATH
2000-10-23   ypbind (RHSA-2000-086)   ypbind for Red Hat Linux 5.x, 6.x has a local root exploit
2000-10-09   usermode (RHSA-2000-075)   Updated usermode packages available
2000-10-06   esound (RHSA-2000-077)   esound contains a race condition
2000-10-06   traceroute (RHSA-2000-078)   traceroute setuid root exploit with multiple -g options
2000-10-04   lpr (RHSA-2000-066)   lpr has a format string security bug, LPRng compat issues, and a race cond.
2000-09-18   syslog (RHSA-2000-061)   syslog format vulnerability in klogd
2000-08-30   mailx and perl (RHSA-2000-048)   Updated mailx and perl packages are now available.
2000-08-29   nfs (RHSA-2000-043)   Revised advisory: Updated package for nfs-utils available
2000-07-26   gpm (RHSA-2000-045)   gpm security flaws have been addressed
2000-07-03   man (RHSA-2000-041)   man package's 'makewhatis' uses insecure handling of files in /tmp
2000-06-26   kernel (RHSA-2000-037)   New Linux kernel fixes security bug
2000-06-16   Emacs (RHSA-2000-036)   New emacs packages available
2000-03-30   ircii (RHSA-2000-008)   ircii buffer overflow
2000-03-06   nmh (RHSA-2000-006)   New nmh packages available
1999-09-16   XFree86 (RHSA-1999-035)   XFree86 3.3.5 packages available
1999-09-13   mars_nwe (RHSA-1999-037)   Buffer overflow in mars_nwe
1999-09-01   inews (RHSA-1999-033)   Buffer overflow problem in the inews program
1999-08-31   proftpd (RHSA-1999-034)   Buffer overflow in proftpd
1999-08-30   amd (RHSA-1999-032)   Buffer overrun in amd
1999-08-19   in.telnetd (RHSA-1999-029)   Denial of service attack in in.telnetd
1999-08-17   libtermcap (RHSA-1999-028)   Buffer overflow in libtermcap tgetent()
1999-08-14   pump (RHSA-1999-027)   Bugs fixed in pump (DHCP client) [CORRECTION]
1999-07-29   squid (RHSA-1999-025)   Potential misuse of squid cachemgr.cgi
Bug Fixes Errata for Red Hat Linux 6.0
There were no Bug Fixes for Red Hat Linux 6.0

Enhancement Errata for Red Hat Linux 6.0
2000-11-10   openldap (RHEA-2000-105)   OpenLDAP available for Red Hat Linux 6.x
2000-11-10   kerberos (RHEA-2000-103)   Kerberos 5 packages available for Red Hat Linux 6.x
1999-09-09   Boot images (RHEA-1999-036)   New installer images available
1999-07-28   gnome (RHEA-1999-024)   Update for GNOME Desktop Environment
1999-07-28   enlightenment (RHEA-1999-021)   Enlightenment sets window properties incorrectly