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CVE not found

CVE names use the CVE-YYYY-XXXX format. If the name you provided is in the proper format, then one of the following may have happened:

  • The CVE name does not affect Red Hat.
  • We have assigned the CVE name but the issue is not yet public, or our advisory is not yet ready. In some cases, a name may be used before the corresponding information has been added to the Red Hat website. This may happen when a security problem is new.
  • Your source provided or linked to an incorrect CVE name.

If you think the CVE name does apply to Red Hat or would like more information, please contact the Security Response Team.

You can select a year from the navigation bar on the index page to get a list of CVE names. You may also use the searchbox below to search for words or phrases in the CVE.

In addition, the MITRE CVE dictionary may provide information about CVE-2006-0040.

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For clarification or corrections please contact the Red Hat Security Response Team.