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Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the foundation of the hybrid cloud. It is the most deployed commercial Linux distribution on both physical system and in 7 out of 8 of the largest cloud providers. These webinars, livestreams, and virtual events provide insight into how to manage RHEL, overviews of features and releases, and best practices.


Title Speaker Description Registration and Links Audience Date
Red Hat Convergence webinar: Red Hat Enterprise Linux migration strategies Pavel Odvody, Pallavi Ravishankar The latest version of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® provides access to new features, better performance, and the latest security patches. However, migrating large deployments to the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux can be challenging. This webinar will provide an overview and demonstration of recommended automated paths to the latest version using the in-place upgrade (Leapp) tooling. If you have other systems similar to Red Hat Enterprise Linux in your environment like CentOS or Oracle Linux, this webinar will also help you understand how to convert those systems to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Register for on-demand Technical Oct 7, 2020
How Supported Open Source Technology is Enabling Cloud Migration and Business Transformation Liam Eagle, Deon Ballard, Jon Benedict, Jamie Beck Transformation is a priority for almost every business. Organizations are adopting key business processes that make them more agile and better able to respond to, and create, disruption in their markets. Making this adjustment requires adopting key new platforms and technologies, along with new disciplines, skill sets and attitudes toward IT and business operations. This session will include a presentation from 451 Research and a discussion with representatives from Red Hat, and it will examine transformation as an imperative, look at some of the steps and hurdles facing businesses, and highlight strategies and approaches for overcoming those challenges. Register for on-demand All Sept 29, 2020
The advantage of RHEL over community projects Deon Ballard, Dan Pacek What is the real cost of free? THE STICKER PRICE IS ONLY THE BEGINNING. THE REAL COSTS (AND BENEFITS) OF SOFTWARE SPAN THE ENTIRE LIFECYCLE. This webinar covers the total costs for both enterprise and free software for maintenance, updates, patching, automation / management, and training and the advantages and additional services available with a RHEL subscription. YouTube All Sept 22, 2020
How Open Source Supports the Critical Service Provider Role in Cloud Steve Mungall, Scott Musson, Deon Ballard Achieving the intended benefits of cloud requires a whole new set of technical skills, and accessing those skills creates a critical bottleneck for implementation, as well as an important role for cloud service providers in the implementation and operation of cloud. Using syndicated research from 451 Research (a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence) as well as custom research conducted in partnership with Red Hat, this webinar will look at the opportunity for service providers in supporting enterprise cloud adoption, and how partnership with open source technology vendors can reinforce and support that role. BrightTalk Business Sept 10, 2020
Security vs. usability: The sliding scale William Fielder Security is a journey that involves costs and trade-offs. It's a constant struggle to find the sweet spot between total usability or perfect security. Blue Team, security personnel specializing in defense, have to face, daily, the sliding scale of security versus usability. In this webinar, join Red Hat® Consulting to learn more about the sliding scale of security. We’ll cover examples of smooth, efficient, usable organizations that are rife with vulnerabilities; examples of extremely secure environments that strangle any useful work with controls; and advice on how to find the proper balance between security and usability. Register now for on-demand Technical June 4, 2020
Begin your hybrid cloud journey with Red Hat and AWS Dan Juenst, David Duncan Adopting a hybrid cloud strategy is a journey, not a destination. When you consider using a public cloud environment for some or all of your applications, you’re faced with a number of choices and approaches. When considering a hybrid cloud environment, you often end up being overwhelmed and discover that vendors don’t use the same language when talking about them. Detailed planning with Red Hat and Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help you successfully create, scale, and migrate innovative applications to an agile hybrid cloud environment as big as you need and available whenever and wherever you need it. Register now for on-demand All April 15, 2020
Remediating risk: How Graybar Electric and Greenway Health identify issues in their Linux environments John T. Mills, John Lemay, Morgan Peterman Red Hat® Insights is an analytics-driven tool in Red Hat Enterprise Linux® subscriptions that can pinpoint risks no matter how complex and sprawling the environment. In this webinar, Red Hat Technical Account Manager, Morgan Peterman, will sit down with two senior Linux administrators, John Mills of Graybar Electric Company and John Lemay of Greenway Health. Join this webinar to hear about their experiences using Red Hat Insights, including how Insights helped identify key security and performance problems with issues that had been thought to be resolved; improve system administrator productivity by using the expertise of Red Hat Insights-as-a-service; and provide a more robust Linux management solution when used with other Red Hat management tools such as Red Hat Satellite. Register now for on-demand All April 2, 2020
The benefits of a simple, trusted, and comprehensive hybrid cloud platform for any organization IDC and Red Hat® know that mid-sized companies all over the world are optimizing their IT infrastructure, seeking data insights, and evolving security processes. In the era of digital transformation and the journey to the hybrid cloud, Red Hat focuses on providing companies with the right platforms to innovate rapidly, efficiently, and more securely. The foundation of such innovation is Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, the leading enterprise Linux platform¹, created by Red Hat in 2002. Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides the control, confidence, and freedom needed to run critical applications, which is why more than 90% of companies in the Fortune 500 rely on Red Hat². In addition, Red Hat Enterprise Linux has a place in every sector of the economy and companies of any size where simplicity of usage, strong security, and automation are important factors. Join IDC and Red Hat to discover how Red Hat Enterprise Linux can benefit any type of datacenter environment. Register for on-demand Business Feb 27, 2020
Proactive public cloud management and security with Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS Jimmy Alvarez, David Duncan Cloud adoption has many benefits, including improved resilience, reduced cost of ownership, and greater infrastructure and business agility. However, many organizations remain concerned about providing adequate security and privacy for applications and data in cloud environments. An operating system for the cloud without good management can be a challenge, but there is an alternative. Red Hat® Insights provides proactive management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux® instances, pinpointing potential security, performance, availability, and stability risks so that you can try to resolve them before they cause downtime or other operational impacts. Since May 2019, Insights has been included as part of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription at no additional cost. Register now for on-demand All Feb 20, 2020
Get smart and proactive stability, security and compliance management from Red Hat Jimmy Alvarez, John Spinks Skilled IT resources are stretched thin, so intelligent tools are needed to pinpoint and resolve specific issues. Red Hat® Insights, a proactive management solution that can help you identify and remediate threats in your Red Hat environment, is now included with all active Red Hat Enterprise Linux® subscriptions. Red Hat Smart Management combines the flexible and powerful infrastructure management capabilities with the simplicity of cloud management services for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Join this webinar to discover how to use Red Hat Insights to pinpoint risks before they become urgent issues; use provided remediation guidance with Red Hat Satellite or Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform to resolve issues faster; and use Red Hat Smart Management to pinpoint compliance, identify vulnerability issues, and detect drift from standard operating environment configurations. Register now for on-demand Technical Jan 23, 2020
Red Hat customer I.T. challenges and priorities for 2020 Margaret Dawson In 2019, Red Hat asked customers where they are in their technology journey and where they want to go in 2020. We received nearly 900 responses from Red Hat customers across 60 countries. In this webinar, Margaret Dawson, Red Hat Vice President of Portfolio Product Marketing, will share the responses of IT leaders in the organizations we’re surveying, including their challenges, deployment strategies, technologies they’re most excited about, and budget and technology priorities for 2020. Listen and compare your priorities. Do they match? If not, how do they differ? Register for on-demand Business Jan 16, 2020


Title Speaker Date + Recording
In the Clouds with Red Hat Leadership Dan Walsh Sept 24, 2020
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Presents... Scott McBrien Oct 7, 2020
In the Clouds with Red Hat Leadership Stefanie Chiras Oct 8, 2020
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Presents... Scott McBrien Oct 21, 2020


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