Red Hat in the Public Cloud

With Red Hat Cloud Access, you can keep all the support and benefits your subscription provides when you move eligible Red Hat product subscriptions to a Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider.

Get Started with Cloud Access

  1. 1

    Use a Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider.

    Cloud Access customers can use one of the featured providers listed below or choose from any Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider listed in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.

  2. 2

    Choose the deployment option that best fits your needs.

    Deploy cloud instances using your images

    Build your virtual machine image using Red Hat Image Builder or your manual processes; import the image into your cloud provider environment; and then use the image to provision cloud instances.

    Deploy cloud instances using Red Hat gold images

    Use prebuilt virtual machine images to provision cloud instances in AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

    Cloud Access customers can get access to Red Hat gold images by connecting their cloud accounts to their Red Hat account.
  3. 3

    For Red Hat gold image deployments, choose the cloud connection experience that best fits your needs.

    Cloud account connection and subscription usage tracking

    Use the Cloud Access customer interface to enter your Red Hat subscriptions and cloud provider accounts.

    Single registration with value-added services for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    Set up a cloud source and then select the value-added RHEL services that you’d like to use.
  4. 4

    Refer to the Cloud Access Reference Guide for more details and next steps.

Using Red Hat On-Demand

On-demand images are purchased from a Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider. These images can only be used within the cloud environment and are for cloud instances. Red Hat supplies updates to these images to the provider, who makes them available to their customers via Red Hat Update Infrastructure. On-demand customers should not register these images with Red Hat Subscription Management. Learn more about On-demand Subscriptions.


Eligible Cloud Access subscriptions purchased from Red Hat

Red Hat supports customers using their Cloud Access-eligible subscriptions on Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Providers and works closely with providers when necessary to resolve customer issues.

On-demand images purchased through a provider

Support for on-demand Red Hat products varies by provider and is available for the service-level agreement defined in the partner’s subscription.