Get Started

This guide outlines how to install Subscription Asset Manager.

  1. Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
  2. Register via Red Hat Subscription Management:

    # subscription-manager register --auto

  3. Enable the Subscription Asset Manager while disabling the Software Collections repositories:

    # subscription-manager repos --enable rhel-6-server-sam-rpms --disable rhel-server-rhscl-6-eus-rpms

  4. Install the katello-headpin-all package using yum:

    # yum install -y katello-headpin-all

  5. Configure the Katello service, answering any prompts as desired:

    # katello-configure

  6. Using your web browser, navigate to the Subscription Asset Manager fully qualified domain name specified during install and log in for the first time.
  7. Create and download a subscription manifest from the Red Hat Customer Portal, then import the manifest via the Subscription Asset Manager web interface.