Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1 Beta

We are pleased to announce the beta availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1

This update delivers several new enhancements to the world's leading enterprise Linux platform. RHEL 8.1 improves manageability, adds new security enhancements, and enables greater developer productivity. This release also includes updated drivers that deliver new features, as well as bug fixes for supported hardware platforms.


  • Improved manageability: The Red Hat Enterprise Linux web console now supports finer granularity when configuring firewall rules and system services, including better configuration for firewall zones, log filtering based on services, service filtering based on metadata like service name and state.
  • Enhanced security Security continues to be an important focus for RHEL, and RHEL 8.1 adds container-centric SELinux profiles. With this new capability, you can create a more tailored security policy for better control of how a container accesses host system resources such as storage, compute, and network.
  • Developer productivity To help boost developer productivity while limiting the potential for system downtime, RHEL 8.1 delivers a number of new application streams with new developer tools, application frameworks, and languages.
  • Performance. With every release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, we seek to push perfomance boundaries even further. RHEL 8.1 strives to achieve this with key performance tools such as eBPF, and extended version of the Berkeley Packet Filter, to help troubleshoot complex network issues, and XDP (eXpress Data Path).
  • During the beta period, we greatly look forward to your feedback. For a full list of new features, enhancements and fixes, please see the RHEL 8.1 beta release notes. Customers and partners with active subscriptions can access Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1 beta today by choosing the Get Started button on this page.

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