Get Started

This guide outlines the basic installation method for Red Hat Certificate System.

  1. Install a Red Hat Directory Server.

    Note: The recommended method is a Red Hat Directory Server deployment on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, with Red Hat Certificate system deployed on a separate Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 system.

  2. The Certificate System subsystems must run as system users within a dedicated group. Create new dedicated operating system groups for the subsystems.
  3. Assign users to the operating system groups to perform the subsystem administrative tasks.
  4. Download the Red Hat Certificate System ISO.
  5. Mount the ISO and create a repository from it.
  6. Run pkicreate to create the subsystem instances.
  7. Configure the Certificate System CA subsystem. At least one CA subsystem must be installed and fully configured before any other type of subsystem can be configured.
  8. Configure the Registration Authority (RA), Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP), and Data Recovery Manager (DRM) subsystems.

    Note: Once the CA is installed, the other subsystems can be installed and configured in any order.