Red Hat Consulting

Red Hat® Consulting

Today's enterprise demands agility, adaptation, and innovation.

Today's IT leaders are required to go beyond lights-on capabilities to drive strategic value for the enterprise. As a trusted advisor, Red Hat Consulting helps you:

  • Reduce IT sprawl
  • Break out of proprietary vendor lock-in
  • Remove complexity through open standards and best practices

Red Hat Consulting works with you to get from symptom to solution, to break free from complexity to transform your business now, to improve its future.

By simplifying IT complexity, we open the door for innovation and put customers in a position to succeed. Do more, be better, be more cost-effective, and be more flexible. Adapt more easily to changes in technology and business. Red Hat will work with you and your environment to develop and implement cost-effective, maintainable solutions that help you:

Transforming an IT infrastructure to be leaner, faster, or more flexible is not just a project: it's a journey. Every day, Red Hat Consulting helps clients navigate this transformation.

Our business transformation services, Red Hat Pathways, help our clients map out the journey to get from where they are today to where they want to be in the future. These consulting engagements are delivered through a phased approach to help you achieve your specific IT and business goals.

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Find the Right Pathway for Transformation

Learn how Red Hat Consulting can help you define an open source strategy, develop an actionable roadmap, and identify ongoing opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings:

Open standards are about flexibility—being able to adapt and adjust quickly. Deploying technologies that conform to open standards can bridge multiple data sources and application silos so you can do just that.

We'll work with your existing technologies and multiple resource providers to mix different components based on what's right for you and your organization. By eliminating proprietary vendor lock-in, you'll be able to define your own rules and processes, and you can more easily create new capability and innovative solutions.

Increasing homogeneity will reduce IT sprawl that slows performance and drives up cost, helping cut future IT operating expenses so you can make more strategic investments for your business.

Reap the Benefit of Open Source Technologies

Red Hat Consulting can help you build or optimize your technology. Learn about our solutions:

Red Hat Consulting offers a number of engagements for installing, accelerating, optimizing, and tuning Red Hat technologies. These services are the best way to tailor Red Hat deployments for your environment and to help you realize unmatched efficiency and reap optimal performance from your technology investments. To maximize knowledge transfer, you'll receive documentation of the installation and configuration process, as well as management best practices, so your team can maximize performance now and as you move into the future.

Get the most benefit from your Red Hat technologies:

By simplifying IT complexity—and by leveraging community, collaboration, and integration—we put customers in a position to succeed: to do more, to do it better, to do it more cost-effectively, and to be more flexible to adapt to changes in technology and business. Here are just a handful of the companies we've worked with to help innovate:

As a mission-oriented, non-profit organization, we're conscious of financial stewardship and had not used outside consulting previously. We saw the value of investing in Red Hat Consulting and we made the right decision—the expertise we gained from the Red Hat Consulting experience helped us achieve our goals and work toward our mission.

Barbara Schleider, Director of Technology services, Management Information Systems (MIS), Florida Hospital

The standards that Sprint has created with Red Hat Consulting have provided our applications with the fundamental enterprise framework that will allow them to have more flexibility and less dependency on expensive closed-source technologies in the future.

Jamie Williams, Director of IT Middleware, Sprint

In a short timeframe, Red Hat Consulting has enabled us to grow our environment and become self-sufficient.

Richard Hood, IT Operations, Travel Channel

We benefited greatly from Red Hat Consulting as they provided valuable input and assistance in helping us migrate to Red Hat technology and dramatically improved our ability to achieve our goals.

Mok Choe, CTO, Union Bank