Red Hat Mobile Application Platform API Lifecycle Policy

Last Updated: 2016-04-04


Red Hat Mobile Application Platform includes 2 API types: those available to developers writing mobile applications, and those available to any user of the platform.

  • Developer APIs, providing access to client-side and cloud-side functionality
  • Platform APIs providing access to platform APIs for tasks such as Account Management, Administration, App Management, Monitoring, Reporting, etc.

All APIs are documented in Red Hat Mobile Application Platform online documentation. The following list includes all supported APIs:

Client side APIs

  • $
  • $fh.mbaas
  • $fh.auth
  • $fh.sync
  • $fh.forms
  • $fh.getCloudURL
  • $fh.getFHParams
  • $fh.sec
  • $fh.hash
  • $fh.push

Cloud Side APIs

  • $fh.service
  • $fh.db
  • $fh.cache
  • $fh.stats
  • $fh.forms
  • $fh.sync
  • $fh.sec
  • $fh.hash
  • $fh.push

Platform APIs

  • API Keys API
  • Cloud Alerts API
  • Secure Endpoint API
  • User Administration API
  • Mobile App Store API
  • Cloud Events API
  • User Roles API
  • Teams API
  • Auth Policies API
  • Devices API

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform APIs are versioned based on the product version to allow for future enhancements. When Red Hat adds, updates or removes existing APIs, Red Hat will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide advance notice of any material, permanent suspension or discontinuation of API functionality. Red Hat will also use commercially reasonable efforts to support any deprecated API for at least 12 months after deprecation.

Red Hat will support each version of an API for a minimum of 12 months. After this period, some APIs may be deprecated and support will be limited to critical bug fixes only.


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