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The Red Hat Product Certificates application helps you retrieve and install product certificate files that are required for Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM) to recognize Red Hat products installed on your system.

Missing certificates can occur in certain cases, such as:
- After manually migrating systems from RHN Classic to Red Hat Subscription Management
- Using certain builds of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 that have older versions of subscription-manager
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Information about the following three elements is required to retrieve the certificate:

  • Product
  • Version
  • Architecture

Once these three parameters are provided, the application generates the appropriate certificate and two options are offered for registering the system:

  • Download the script and run it to set the certificate and register the system.
  • Download the certificate and register your system manually using the provided steps.

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Looks like it redirects to an empty page.

Same blank page for me. Is there no tool to download?

Same blank page.

Hi Paulo, Can you try again and wait for the app to load? The blank page may be caused by a network issue. Let me know if the problem recurs.

Thanks, Dong