Retired: This application is now retired.

Red Hat Network (RHN) System List Exporter

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Note: This application will be retired on June 27, 2019. Follow the solution to migrate your system from RHN to RHSM as soon as possible: Migrating from RHN to RHSM

This app can retrieve information about systems that are still registered to Red Hat Network Classic (RHN) to assist with your migration to Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM).

Red Hat is retiring the RHN Classic web interface by July 31, 2017. After this date, you will no longer be able to view or manage systems using the RHN Classic web interface. Systems registered to RHN Classic must be migrated to RHSM to continue receiving support and updates.

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where is the application? link keep looping back to this page...

Hi Michael, Can you try it again? I don't see any error.

Same problem , the "go to application" botton point me back to is it browser problem? I tried with IE and FF both same.

How about access this link directly? Does it still go back to this info page?

it works now, from the button bring me to another login page and then load the app. thanks

Hi. Empty page showing up in IE & Chrome.

Hi Warren, In which country/city did you use the app? This looks like an network issue, and it should be working when you try again in a while. The app currently works well for me.

Thanks, Dong

After login it says there are no systems registered with RHN but on server it still gives error - This system has already registered with Red hat using RHN Classic.

Hi Subodh,

Have you unregistered that system? If so, this does not seem to be an issue with the "RHN System List Exporter" tool, but may be an issue with your system registration / unregistration. Can you open a support case including your system and account information? Red Hat support team will help you. If it is determined to be a problem with this tool, we will fix it.

Thanks, Dong

Is there supposed to be an application here? The page is empty except for buttons for comments and the go to application button. The go to application button goes to the same blank page.

can you provide me a list of systems still on RHN?

Hi all, As stated above, the application will be closed on June 27, 2019, when the back-end API service is shutdown. Follow instructions on the page to migrate your systems to RHSM as soon as possible:

Thanks, Dong