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Red Hat Memory Analyzer visualizes memory usage on your system based on information captured by the SAR utility. In the dynamic chart, RAM shows the percentage of used memory, cache, buffer and free memory while SWAP shows the percentage of used swap.

It provides two additional functions.

  1. Checks memory configuration in sysctl.conf file and shows you the parameters whose current values are different from their default values. This can help you to decide whether the non-default values were assigned purposefully or just by mistakes.
  2. Shows HugePage information. You need to upload the meminfo file from your system.

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Hi Azad,

We had several people to test this app before make it online, it always run well. Could you supply the sar file and other files that you are using to ? So that I can debug what's the problem you encountered.

Thanks, JIngjing

Hi i tried to upload a file create by the next comand

sar -r 2.5 -o /tmp/sar

another SA is the file created by the crontab /usr/libb64/sa/sa2 -A /usr/lib64/sa/sa1 1 1

It just displays a lot of garbage....

Hi Joemon,

Can you give us more details? We'd like to understand the problem and improve the app.

where is the app ?. the links do not work. .

Hi Ken, Which link are you using? You can click the "GO TO APPLICATION" button above in this page, or visit the link directly:

It works for me.

Thanks, Dong

Hi i have uploaded the file but the data is in scramble Is the sar file or Sa i have to upload

Hi Prashanth, I am not very sure what is the problem you saw. Can you give more details?

Thanks, Dong

Thanks Dong ,I have sar and sa logs ,please let me know how can I send it you .when I upload the data into you application its showing the data in scamble way ,is there any format we have to use to upload

try upload file SAR. :D

Hi Prashanth, have you managed to update SAR file to the app? Ahmad is correct. You can upload or drop a SAR file to it. If your sar file is archived or compressed (*.tar, *.tar.gz, *.zip, etc), you need firstly decompress it.

Of course, I think we should show a friendly message when the app receives a file it is not able to process. I've opened a RFE for this feature.

Hi Dong,

I've added the error message when the sar file name or sar file content doesn't meet our requirement.

It will show "Please upload the correct sar file with the name sar*" with red color when error occurs.



how to print on PDF format the report?

Hi Ahmad, The app currently does not support printing PDF, but I think you can workaround it by using the print function provided by your browser or creating a screenshot including the output you want to share.

does it work with sar file generated by redhat 7.3 release?

Yes, it does.

How to upload more than one sar file(sar files for multiple days)

Hi Saravanan,

This app does not support multiple sar files for now.

Thanks, Jingjing

This app is currently not working. We get a blank page.

Hi Ugo,

Can you try again and wait for the app to load? The blank page may be caused by a network issue. Let me know if the problem recurs.

Thanks, Dong

It's loading OK now.

There are a few issues in this application:

1- We see stats (right hand side), but we don't know it's as of when. Is it an average? The last sample? 2- It would be nice if these stats could be given, when we click on the chart, for the sample that is clicked 3- Typo: When you submit a /proc/meminfo file, it says "Huagepage is 0.102GB and it has been added in the chart above as hugepage line". It should be "Hugepage", not "Huagepage". Also, this sentence sounds weird 4- The hugepage section doesn't repport the right thing. It only reports the value for "HugePages_Total", but to have a number of GB you must multiply by the value of Hugepagesize, divided by 1000 5- In the systctl section, the sentence "The following parameters are explicitly specified by you that may affect memory usage." sounds really weird

A little more QA would be appreciated...

Thank you for giving us the details. We will review and work on them, and get back to you later.

I tried uploading the files ,it says "Please upload the correct sar file with the name sar* I tried multiple times no luck

Prashanth, What the file name did you use?

The same sar file

Prashanth, What is your browser? It works well in Google Chrome 66.0.3359.181 and Mozilla Firefox 60.0.1

Hi Iam facing a problem first I download the saDD file to my laptop the I tried to upload from my laptop but i got the error message Please upload the correct sar file with the name sar*

Upload a sarDD file instead of a saDD file then. sarDD files are generated automatically by cron at 23:55 each day. If you want to generate one before that, check the command in /etc/cron.d/sysstat

I think Ugo's comment is right, please use sarDD file and try again, Thanks

this is not working. I uploaded the sar file but no preview is available as shown.

Hi Ajay, Can you file a bugzilla here to describe the details of what you met?


How do I upload a file to memory analyzer

click this in the application: "Browse or drop one of /var/log/sa/sar* file here"

sar tool works but it doesn't tell me what is consuming memory. I have an issue where memory is showed consumed starting at midnight and the process runs for several hours. Sar shows the activity but I can't ID the offending processes. I pmap every pid that is running at the time but it only shows me 20GB out of the possible 128GB. Is there a way to isolate what is actually using the memory.

There is a link "Show Preview" in the application.

Click it and it will show you how to use the tool.

If you still can not solve your issue, open a support case.


You should try ps_mem. It's available from EPEL repository. You may want to show the output of 'free -m'. Does the system swap? I suggest this short read:

Hi there, Is that still active? It's basically doing nothing :-( I can select my log's and then nothing happens... Thanks, Tom

Yes, it is still working. Can you confirm you uploaded the right format SAR file? Please check it and try again. Thanks

Why i'm combined several sar files into one sar file, only showed data from date the old one ? is it cannot be used to see the mem average on several days when combining several sar files into one sar file ?