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This application will guide you towards the best registration option for your Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment. Simply select the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version and the subscription management technology you are using and the app will provide the appropriate commands to register your system.

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Hi all,

This application has been updated to support RHEL 8 beta. Thank you all for your patience!

Thanks, Dong

Hi , how to get trial license for rhel 7.6 for SAP applciation subcscription

Hi sreerag, This is quite out of the scope of this application. I think you may want to contact your account team or sales representative.

Thanks, Dong

Anyone can help on this issue?

You must first accept Red Hat's Terms and conditions. Please visit . You may have to log out of and back into the Customer Portal in order to see the terms.

Hi Mary, Do you have a problem accessing the registration assistant application? I am able to access it at the URL:

What were you attempt to do when you saw the problem? Can it be recreated?

Thanks, Dong

I am trying to register a system to my active subscription using the command subscription-manager register --username myusername --password my_passwd

I get this message:- You must first accept Red Hat's Terms and conditions. Please visit . You may have to log out of and back into the Customer Portal in order to see the terms.

That URL reveals Red Hat Terms and Conditions

In order to gain access to or use a Red Hat program and/or product, you must review and agree to all of the agreement(s) below. If you, or the company you represent, have a negotiated and executed agreement that is currently in effect with Red Hat that covers the same program(s) and product(s) covered below, your acceptance of these agreement(s) will not override your existing negotiated agreement(s) with Red Hat.

then it says

Something went wrong. If the problem persists, please Contact Customer Service

Hi Jehan,

This does not seem to be a problem with this application, but something wrong with Customer Portal or your account. Can you try again? I'd suggest you open a support case if the problem still exists.

Thanks, Dong

Getting the following Error when registering.

sudo subscription-manager register --username 'ChadwickNick' --force Unregistering from: The system with UUID ef723239-d4ed-428a-8825-9a0066fdd4bb has been unregistered All local data removed Registering to: ChadwickNick cannot register with any organizations.

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for reaching out to us. It seems that your system has been unregistered and your account is refused to register. You can check your account permission and try again.


You guys are funny!!!!

i have passed my rhcsa200 exam and linked my certificated to my gmail id and i have also cleared my rhce300 exam and tried to link my certificate to the same mail but a new redhat account has been created and now im not able to download my certificate of rhce300, please help me to merge my both redhat account if possible or to add my certificate to my old redhat account (RHCSA200) .

Hi Amankumar,

Your request is beyond the scope of this application. I'd suggest you contact the learning team for this.

Thanks, Dong

I signed up for the free Red Hat developer license, but I can't activate my RHEL server install. My account says I have an active Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite subscription, but when I go to attach my system to it, I get a message saying I don't have any matching subscriptions. Can not run yum command and update anything.

I am able to attach system and link it Red Hat Developer Subscription. However, when i run subscription-manager register --username --password --auto-attach from my box it result into HTTP error (401 - Unauthorized): Invalid user credentials while Registering to: I tried multiple time to make sure i am using correct id/pw but no luck.

Would appreciate any help/pointer.

Hi AA, This does not seem to be a problem with the application, but something with your account. I'd suggest you contact Red Hat support team, e.g. opening a support case to check your account.

Thanks, Dong

Issue resolved. Solution is to register the system with username 'xyz' and not with the full email address

When i register then the system respond that you need to have a SSL certificate . What's the solution????

Hi Kunal,

Which version / arch of RHEL are you trying to register? What is the command you use to register it?

Thanks, Dong

Hi Kunal,

Can you tell me the version of your system and which way you use to register, CustomerPortal or Satellite?

It seems that there does not have a valid SSL certification on your system, you should fix it before your registration.

You can try to find your product certificates by using this tool:

Good luck!


i am unable to do redhat subscription while, there is two subscription is active

Hi Pratiyush,

What is the command you use to register your system? Do you think it is correct for your system?

Thanks, Dong

Hi Pratiyush,

I am sorry for that I do not know what's your meaning, can you tell me more details when you were registering?


Where does one find there activation key ?

Hi Rogelio,

You can find them by this tool:


I selected the version in the Registration Assistant. What do I do next? The "CON TINUE" button remains disabled.

Hi Hari,

I tried the same just now and it works for me. Can you refresh the page, log out/login in, and try again? Thanks, Dong