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This application will guide you towards the best registration option for your Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment. Simply select the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version and the subscription management technology you are using and the app will provide the appropriate commands to register your system.

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What about Satellite 6?

Hi Tony, great question!
We're in the process of getting that path added now. We hope to have something available by early next week. I'll reply here to let you know when that's complete.

There's no info in this "app" about registering virtual instances

Hi Jared,

In nearly every situation registering a virtual instance would be identical to a physical RHEL instance. Is there something specific you were looking for here?

The Select Version drop down is missing RH 5.10 and 5.11. Please update.

Good catch Rob, thanks! We'll get right on this.

Nothing here to help[ with registration during first boot...

Thank you for your feedback. I will see if we can have the information for this added. In the meantime you can find it for RHEL 7 here and for RHEL 6 here

You know what's SO great? Your instructions for remote registration in your documents doesn't look like what you get in your web portal. So I get to fuck around navigating your site rather than doing my job. But I guess RHEL 7 is so old that can happen.

Hi Dale,

You're completely right and we apologize for that. We redesigned the layout of the Customer Portal about a month ago and the documentation has not been updated yet to reflect that change. You can register systems starting at this interface and we'll work to get the documentation updated. Thanks for your feedback.

My redhat servers are on a closed network. Automated registration is not going to work. All of the selections in the Registration Assistant appear to be for internet connected systems.

We use the registration assistant to cover use cases where the command line interface is all that should be needed. You can register systems via the Customer Portal Web Interface by following the instructions here although do keep in mind this will not allow you to update systems, it's simply for auditing and record keeping.

We do have a few services including Red Hat Satellite and Subscription Asset Manager that will allow you to register systems locally. Hope that helps!

Now that the Subscription portal has changed drastically, how do I register virtual systems that are segregated and have no internet connectivity? The link you provided is instructions for an old website UI that no longer applies (not that I can find, anyway).

When I run register message returns already registered. When I run status message returns invalid.

Hi Rich, you may need to check the identity of your system but running subscription-manager identity. This may indicate that you're registered but not subscribed, and it might be best to open a support case if you're able to do that.

I ran into the same issues. Systems were 6.3 so this is only for 6.3. I cannot guarantee this will work for 5.x

Ultimately I had to go to each server and sudo su, moving the tarball to /var/regupdate then I ran

tar xvf registration_update-rhel6.tar.gz && rpm -Uvh *.rpm --replacefiles

Sudo will not work with this tarball extraction. You must be root.
Once that was done...

warning: openssl-1.0.1e-30.el6.x86_64.rpm: Header V3 RSA/SHA256 Signature, key ID fd431d51: NOKEY
Preparing...                ########################################### [100%]
   1:openssl                ########################################### [ 33%]
   2:python-rhsm            ########################################### [ 67%]
   3:subscription-manager   ########################################### [100%]

And then

subscription-manager register --username blah --password blah --auto-attach --force works perfectly

Hi what is the command to unregister at RHEL4, please?

I believe this is what you are looking for

subscription-manager register is run successfully.

Now what?

yum update doesn't work, it just tells me "there are no enabled repos".

Back in the world of classic Redhat I expected to have some indication of enabling entitlements, but instead I'm spending ages clicking randomly around the website in between all the irrelevant marketing.

What do we do next?

I am trying to run (rhn_register) COMMAND and I have the following error
An error has occurred:
class 'xmlrpclib.ResponseError'
See /var/log/up2date for more information

any idea?


There could be a number of reasons that you are getting that error. Did /var/log/up2date give any information that could be used to search the Knowledgebase If you are not able to find it there it may be worthwhile opening a support case to trouble shoot. You can open a case here


Just today we purchased a subscription for RHEL server.
The available install media is a DVD of RHEL 6.4
I installed this and registered using the new subscription.
Note the subscription and what follows was done using ssh from a remote location.
After registering, I ran "yum update".
Toward the end of the update I lost my ssh connection.
I reconnected. yum was no longer running.
An additional "yum update" said there was nothing to do.
I ran "rpm -Va" to see if the packages were OK. That appeared to work fine.
The system looked like RHEL 6.6 -- exactly what I expected.
... kernel panic. The system is now unbootable.
We decide to re-install RHEL from the DVD.
That installation is done.
But the subscription I need to use is taken up by a system that no longer exists.
For the life of me, I cannot find how to unsubscribe / unregister that system.

So, help!

Hello Keith,
Check out this about unregistering systems if that does not help you may need to open a support case.

i was able to register but unable to apply my subscription. any help? red hat enterprise desktop 7.1

Was there any errors or messages when you tried to attach? i found this that may be able to help you . I looked at your account and can see that you have a available Desktop subscription so you should be able to attach it.

The registration assistant does not help at all in attaching a subscription to an already registered system.

Where the hell is the list of machines that have been assigned to subscriptions? It takes me a few hundred clicks to find it every time. And that's the biggest reason I ever visit this site.

i need to change the ip address of my registered server and am having issues doing same

How to register or any kind of
account can access AUS channel?

am try to register my rhel linux 6.4 server using subscription-manager cmd
the system is registered but it shows the status as not subscribed and i not getting any updates from rhn can any one please suggest me on this

my mail:

Hello, have you tried refreshing then (re) attaching? This Solution has more info:

Hi, I need to download RedHat CloudForms 3.2, but when I click on download, it raises questions about subscription.

How to proceed with this? Does this mean I do not have an active subscription?

How do a register a system that can never be on the Internet?

Had to re-install my system, now it wont register the thing and i cant figure out how to remove the old registration from the same machine.

wow - this is quite disturbing. I just an additional spent several hundreds for the option of having a new Dell M6800 w/ RHEL 6.4 pre-installed - because it should work right out of the box, with no issues, no headaches, guaranteed compatibility.

I can't use it on first boot.

The support options for a PAID subscription is as obtuse and nebulous as I would expect for open SuSE - at least there I got what I paid for... Here? What DID I pay for?

Oh, call Dell, they'll take care of it.... um, it's a callback queue on brand new equipment. grrrrrrr

Call Red Hat - oh, we can't do anything until Dell's Red Hat Linux Expert Engineers diagnose the problem and pass it back to us....


You're losing precious credibility here for your right to CHARGE for support...

Hi team
I have upgraded RHN 5.4 to 5.7 in disconnected mode and also activate the key in disconnected mode and now trying to re-activate the key in connected mode I am getting below error :
ERROR: unhandled XMLRPC fault upon remote deactivation (reraising):

Please suggest on this error.

Here is the error details :
ERROR: unhandled XMLRPC fault upon remote deactivation (reraising):

On RHEL6.2, it seems --auto-attach is not supported by sub-scription-manager 0.96.17.

This doesn't work at all - and the troubleshooting process when this goes wrong is very poorly documented and unintelligibly presented. RHN classic just worked out of the box every time. If reasonably intelligent IT professionals can't figure this out in less than 10 minutes, then you're obviously doing something wrong with your software design.

When reinstalling Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 onto the same machine, the reinstalled operating system cannot be subscribed because the subscription considers it as different. This requires a trip to your website to delete the previous subscription.

This is a bug. Is it resolved in an update, and can you path the 6.5 download image accordingly? I'm required to use this version for compatibility with other software.

My servers are not internet-connected, I don't see where it gives the option to register these? How can I register my "offline" servers?

Instructions for RHEL 7 didn't work. There's no "assistance" when it doesn't work in the registration assistant. That should be fixed. All I get is "Status: Not Subscribed", and there's nothing helpful here to resolve that.

How do I download the Ceph devel packages from the Red Hat Ceph repos? I have RHCS subscriptions and am not clear on which repo's I need to enable to download devel packages to build ceph.


Thank You So much for Guiding me at right Direction... again A big Thanks to Red Hat and its Team Members....

Can you return me my password from the purchased software RED HAT, to my email address?

We have purchased subscription for Linux Enterprise 7.2 Developer Suite. We cannot find Eclipse, Java and other parts of the Development Tools anywhwre. When we try: " [root@localhost ~]# subscription-manager list --available" the answer is "No available subscription pools to list"

Any thoughts? Do we hvae to purchase any additional subscription to be able to use the Developer Tools?

to solve DROWN I need to upgrade systems version 4. When I try it gives me error (SSL routines, SSL3_GETSERVER_CERTIFICATE, certificate verify failed). How to solve it

I'm trying to register an old 5.7 system and running into problems

$ mkdir registration
$ cd registration
$ wget
$ tar xvf Registration_Update-rhel-5-rhsm.tar.gz
$ sudo rpm -Uvh *.rpm --replacefiles
error: Failed dependencies:
    python-simplejson is needed by python-rhsm-1.11.3-5.el5.x86_64
    python-ethtool is needed by subscription-manager-1.11.3-10.el5.x86_64
    virt-what is needed by subscription-manager-1.11.3-10.el5.x86_64

Fixed it myself... needed to add the following from the original iso or downloaded from


I had the same issue, this fix worked for me except for the following changes: 1. I did not need libnl-1.0-0.10.pre5.5.x86_64.rpm 2. The packages are now here: Just wanted to say thanks and leave an update for future readers.

This is empty.

Your links are broken. /labs/registrationassistant => 404|a|a2|regassist&#/rhel7/?tech=subscription&service=sam&process=unattended&vdc=true gives an incorrect RPM name. SAM 1.4 uses candlepin-cert-consumer-latest.noarch.rpm rather than katello-ca-consumer-latest.noarch.rpm.

Registration Assistant links to 404 - page not found.

Great to have a link to an assistant..... But the link is broken, it returns a 404. Fail

It works for me, It took a while to show the dialog, but it worked right now.

The URL it forwards me to from the registration assistant is:

STILL missing instructions on how to register a standalone, not connected, will never be connected, can't ever be connected system.

Hello Jon, thanks for the feedback - we're looking into adding this for the registration assistant; in the meantime this might help:

I needed a newer version to work with my hardware. How do I unregister 6.5 so I can register 7.2?

Is your system registered to Red Hat Customer Portal? If so this Solution outlines steps to unregister, otherwise, try the registration asistant or this [RHEL Registration Guide] to see available options based on RHEL version and Classic vs RHSM subscription model.

how to check my License usage details ??

Need help ASAP.

Hi Subhash,

My apologies for not getting back to you soon, but I'd this is beyond the scope of this app. I'd suggest you open a support case to get help from Red Hat support team.

Thanks, Dong

I have a RHEL 7.3 system that used to have a subscription but for some reason, it completely disappeared from the portal. I do not know when it happened. On my system it said it is not registered so I decided to register the system again using subscription-manager register. The command completed successfully and displayed the UUID. However, I still cannot find this system on the customer portal. Tried looking up by system name and UUID and it's just not there. On the system, I also tried subscription-manager list --available --all and it said "No available subscription pools to list". I'm not sure how to resolve this. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Hi Henry, My apologies for not getting back to you soon, but I'd suggest you create a support case with Red Hat to solve the problem you have.

Thanks, Dong

I am trying to schedule EX210 exam but noticed that only OSPv10 exam available, last year we completed CL210 class and I have only have OSP8 student guide and I have not seen any v10 Red Hat student Guide, Can some one confirm that Red Hat has published OSPv10 student guide yet?

Hi Rizwan, It seems your query has nothing to do with this app. Please contact Red Hat learning team.

Thanks, Dong

Can't find this!

You must first accept Red Hat's Terms and conditions. Please visit[]=signIn . You may have to log out of and back into the Customer Portal in order to see the terms.

Hi Glynn,

There was an issue with Customer Portal during the past weekend, which also affected Labs apps. Everything has been back to normal. Please try again and let us know if you still see a problem with this application. Thanks, Dong

registration assistant not available and I cant allocate an Evaluation to my system.

Hi Anwar, can you give us more details on the problem you experienced? Any specific symptoms, errors?

Thanks, Dong

have several contracts all show 0 systems. I signed up for the 60 day eval for virtualization. Spun up a manager and host, then decided to try the self-hosted manager. Now I see that the entitlement is 100% and I guess I need to somehow transfer the wiped system to my new one. I see that it would have worked well if I performed some deletion command from the registered machine before I re-installed it....but I didn't know I had to. Anyway, at this point is it best to ask for a NEW evaluation or is there a way to fix this? By the way, there are ZERO systems listed for ALL three of my contracts including this eval. All the instructions talk about clicking on the SYSTEM, but there are none listed. UPDATE: I just created another redhat account to service my evaluation licences. No reason to bother with support for this. Still need to get my paid account back in shape - neglected for years.

Hi Henry, Thank you for reaching out to us, but I think the problems you meet are not related to the registrationassistant tool itself, but related to the subscriptions you have with Red Hat. I'd suggest you create a support case for Red Hat support team to seek further help.

Thanks, Dong

I installed RHEL Server 7.5 and registed system succeed, but subscription has only RHEL Server info, no Red Hat Virtualization info,anything wrong?

Hi Chao, Thank you for reaching out. Did you follow steps in the app to list and attach subscriptions for Red Hat Virtulization? You can also run the command "#subscription-manager attach --auto" to attach all available subscriptions automatically. Read more here:

Be aware that you need subscriptions for Red Hat Virtulization. If you don't have any, contact your sales representative to purchase.

Thank you, Dong

Could you please add in the Assistant some information about the subscriptions and steps required to VDC in case of OpenStack installation? Where should I install virt-who? On controller nodes? Which nodes should be subscribed as VD Physical? Computes? Please explain it here or in a KB, I cannot find nothing OSP specific.

Thanks a lot

Hi Serena, It seems the features you are talking about are well out side of the scope of this app.

Thanks, Dong

Hi, how can you register RHEL8-beta?

Hi Tomas,

The app does not support RHEL 8 beta so far.
Thanks, Dong

Tomas, we have doc for RHEL 8 Beta and you should find the specific info you need about registration here in the Installing and deploying RHEL doc. Hope that helps.

How to register Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta?

Hi there! Are you going to add a registration option for the beta version of RHEL 8?

Hi all, We are going to make this app support RHEL 8 beta. Stay tuned.

Thanks, Dong

I am tuned.

how to register rhel beta 8

How much time generally it takes to get the environment provisioned for openshift after we create and activate the red Hat account. I created my Red Hat account for evaluating Openshift platform few days back but since then till now, my subscription is displaying as queued for provisioning. I was able to log in in Red Hat but can't provision anything to use Openshift.

Hi Sanjay, Your request/question is out of the scope of this app. I think you need to contact your sales representative, or open a support case for Red Hat.

Thanks, Dong

hi im tring to get software for noaa weather service like awips and wdtd but i dont know what version of redhat for noaa