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This application is created to assist you in installing Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.x. It helps you prevent cloud provider limit/quota issues by minimizing and expediting the process of opening correct support and quota requests with supported cloud providers or by helping you see where a default limit might be exceeded. This should help ensure a smoother OpenShift 4.x install experience.

The application supports the following cloud providers:

  • Amazon AWS

Note: Due to limitations with cloud providers and Red Hat not having direct access to your cloud account[s], the scope of information this application can provide is limited, and may not catch all limit issues.

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Hey team, This calculator looks very crude and although it present a lot of information I fail to understand how I should use it in comparison with OpenShift. The story has to be: "why should I install OpenShift when AWS, GCP, Azure already offer "for free" as part of their service". How can I compare these costs and what are the up- and down-sides. Surely we can do more in this field ?