Retired: This application is now retired.

JBoss Data Virtualization Sizing Architecture Tool

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JBoss Data Virtualization is a data supply and integration solution that allows multiple data sources such as RDBMS, NoSQL, SaaS, Flat File, and Cache/Data Grid to be treated as single source delivering the needed data—in the required form—at the right time to any application or user.

The JBoss Data Virtualization Sizing Architecture Tool is a simple web application that helps plan your JBoss Data Virtualization deployment. It presents a series of questions to gather information about the business environment for the deployment. When all questions are answered, the tool recommends a JBoss Data Virtualization configuration to support the business requirement. This recommendation includes:

  • The recommended number of servers
  • The recommended number of cores
  • How much memory is required, and the JVM size for needed, for each node