Ceph Placement Groups (PGs) per Pool Calculator

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What It Does
The Ceph PGs (Placement Groups) per Pool Calculator application helps you:
1. Calculate suggested PG Count per pool and total PG Count in Ceph.
2. Generate commands that create pools.

Optional Features
You can:
1. Support Erasure Coding pools, which maintain multiple copies of an object.
2. Set values for all pools.
3. Set up cache tiering, which speeds up read and write operations with high-performance hardware.

Cache tiering is considered a tech preview and is not recommended for production use.

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Hi, Is this tool for Hyperconverged deployment too?

Yes. The app helps you with pg count calculation only.

This tool seems not to work! I get only an empty page displayed. (Chrome 61 Linux)

Hi, I've subscribed for the CEPH Test Drive and successfully started my labs. This should count as an active subscription and I also had to agree with subscription ToC. However, after launching the application I either get a blank screen (empty page) or an error regarding "Active Subscription Exclusive Content" :/



Could you please expose calculations in the URL or provide some way of saving previous calculations? Entering all pools takes a little time and it would be nice to be able to load a previous configuration in order to adjust the number of OSDs or to make small "percentage data" sizing adjustments.



Thank you for reaching out us.

We will investigate your requirement.



Any plan to update this tool adding the use case OCS in external mode ?


Hi Maurizio,

Thank you for reaching out us.

We don't have any plan about OCS in external mode.

But we will consider it.