Support Case Data Policy

In the course of investigating issues and working with customers to resolve them, Red Hat gathers and stores information related to those issues.

There are four major categories of this type of information:

Case Descriptions and Comments

Case information is gathered through the Customer Portal ( The data is protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS) when transmitted to Red Hat. It is stored in Salesforce and secured by Salesforce's Enterprise Security measures. It is also propagated to our Data Warehouse solution hosted on Amazon's Redshift, again protected by TLS in transit. This information may be used internally within Red Hat to improve our products and services.

Regular Case Attachments

Files that are less than 2GB in size may be uploaded and attached to cases through the case management interface on These files are stored on an NFS (Network File System). In order to facilitate global support, these files are replicated to Red Hat data centers around the world. Data is transmitted using Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Copies of this data are also made available to a Hadoop business intelligence research cluster owned and managed by Red Hat, where it is extracted into JSON formatted sequence files for analysis. This data is used to research and validate Red Hat Insights rules and perform additional analysis on platform runtime behaviors.

Large Case Attachments

Files that are larger than 2GB can be uploaded via secure FTP to This is a server owned and managed by Red Hat. It is unrelated to the company Dropbox or their storage solution. Files that are uploaded in this way are removed from the server after 30 days, but may be retained in other systems if they have been copied from the server by Red Hat employees.

Insights Data

Red Hat Insights is a product that gathers system information (logs, configuration files, output of commands) and performs analysis to detect possible problems or opportunities for system improvements. Red Hat Insights is optional, and requires an opt-in from the customer to be enabled. For systems that use Insights, that data may be accessed by Red Hat support associates in order to better analyze and diagnose issues.


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