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Lumension Patch and Remediation

Lumension Patch and Remediation provides rapid, accurate and secure patch management, allowing you to proactively manage threats in the most complex environments by automating the collection, analysis and delivery of patches throughout your enterprise. As an essential part of Lumension Vulnerability Management™, Lumension Patch and Remediation significantly decreases the costs involved in securing your organization from worms, Trojans, viruses and other malicious threats and allows you to: Inventory and manage both physical and virtual machines. Reduce corporate risk and optimize IT operations through the timely, proactive elimination of operating system and application vulnerabilities across all systems and servers, including Windows, Unix, Linux and Apple Mac OS. Decrease IT costs and improve productivity with a highly automated, subscription-based patch management solution. Seamlessly manage and report on Lumension and third party licensed content and prerequisite patches – all from one consolidated console. Manage system desktop configuration tasks, such as automating disk defragmentation and disk cleanup tasks, and enforcing policies for account, device control, domain, network, and system policy security settings. Improve your security posture through integration with Network Access Control (NAC) solutions to remediate ‘non-compliant’ machines to a compliant state before gaining access to the network Demonstrate compliance with security policies and government regulations through continuous patch monitoring and comprehensive reporting.


Horizontal IT Infrastructure

Red Hat Certifications

This product has been certified to run on the following Red Hat products and technologies:

Target Product Level
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x Self-Certified
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x Self-Certified