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  • ZTE NGCSS (Next Generation Call Service System) is an open, powerful, flexible and creative solution for all call services and applications. It is built within mature services developed by ZTE, e.g. VMS, MCA, CMN, UMS, Infotainment etc. ZTE offers SCE tools and different standard service ability interfaces for network operator and 3rd party developers to easily and quickly customize and develop new service and application upon NGCSS’s data, mail, media and call resource. ZTE NGCSS can generate more revenue for operator.

  • At begin of architecture design and solution decision, ZTE NGCSS was aims to seamlessly support IMS network. ZTE NGCSS is all-IP and SIP-based system. Both call control and media control are implemented by SIP. Thanks to the flexible system architecture, NGCSS can serve both 2G/3G network and IMS at the same time. By reuse most of devices, ZTE NGCSS protects operator cost at utmost.


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Red Hat Certifications

This product has been certified to run on the following Red Hat products and technologies:

Target Product Level
Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13.0
Base: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (x86_64) 7.6-7.x for Other
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