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ZTE intelligent network platform adopts the next generation of integrated intelligent network platform NGIN architecture.

As the next generation of intelligent network platform, ZTE NGIN can support many kinds of protocols such as INAP / camera / win map / radius / SIP at the same time, and provide existing GSM, CDMA, PSTN, NGN, LTE / IMS and 3G mobile network users with intelligent network services such as comprehensive prepayment, comprehensive VPN and unified Centrex, so as to meet the needs of users for FMC integrated services, provide users with a consistent business experience and significantly enhance the user body Check, increase ARPU value. A set of business platform should be used to deal with various network environments. First, it should change the split situation of the past intelligent network platform sub network construction, unify the deployment and management, and effectively reduce the operator's TCO.

Ngin focuses on the establishment of a unified and open business platform. With reference to the idea of fast service provision put forward by OSA / Parlay, it adopts an open, standard and unified application programming interface Parlay API, which is convenient for the third-party service providers to develop, deploy and participate in the competition. Ngin is the best choice for operators to build integrated intelligent network service platform.

Ngin is developed on the basis of the original intelligent network. The ngin platform should at least meet the following main characteristics:

  • Support multi network and multi protocol, and have the ability to provide multi network integration services;
  • Good voice business development ability, can open the business capability interface for the third party to call voice business capability;
  • Next generation core network (LTE / IMS) supported;
  • Good voice business development environment and business opening capability, which can generate new business quickly and flexibly, and open business capability interface for the third party to call voice business capability;
  • Perfect business nesting solutions and protocol conversion capabilities to promote operators to carry out full business promotion and operation.


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Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13.0
Base: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (x86_64) 7.6-7.x for Other
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