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GWGEM provides equipment manufacturers with a SECS/GEM connectivity solution that eases the task of equipment-to-host communication implementation, while complying with the SEMI generic equipment model (GEM) standard. GWGEM supports the SECS/GEM capabilities as specified in the latest published SEMI standard E30 as well as the SEMI PV2 standard which is a variation of GEM for the Photovoltaic industry.

GWGEM's foundation is built upon PEER Group's SDR™ SECS Driver, the leading product for implementing SECS I and SECS II communications (SEMI E4, SEMI E5, SEMI E37).


Collaboration/Groupware/Messaging Monitoring Policy Enforcement

Red Hat Certifications

This product has been certified to run on the following Red Hat products and technologies:

Target Product Level
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.x Self-Certified