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SPFS - a file-system for Spectrum Protect

Protect your open-source or commercial applications or databases with 'SPFS', without any need of education or complexity.

Mount the Spectrum Protect filespace anywhere on your server, and browse your backups as they were normal files.

No need to use temporary local staging / dump area.

Enable the features included in the Spectrum Protect on the file-system:

  • encryption (during data transfer, authentication, and as an option data)
  • data reduction using (compression and de-duplication)
  • read-ahead techniques
  • asynchronous data transfer (utilizes network traffic better!)
  • caching (cache meta data lookups, such as inodes from "ls" etc)

Use archive or backup type of objects.


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Red Hat Certifications

This product has been certified to run on the following Red Hat products and technologies:

Target Product Level
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.x Self-Certified
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x Self-Certified
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x Self-Certified