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Mentol Pro® is a software solution for Unified Communications network performance monitoring, call quality, VoIP troubleshooting and call accounting. It is a real-time monitoring and reporting tool for single and multi-vendor Cisco, Avaya and Unify environments.

Mentol Pro® provides complete, end-to-end visibility across Unified Communications network supporting complex multi-vendor environment including Cisco, Avaya and Unify. The solution collects data and gives a visual representation of actionable voice performance information on the single monitoring console. Centralized collection and storage of information allow to monitor PBX status (full details for gateways, port networks, boards, trunks & route patterns) and to overview call details and usage data.

Mentol Pro® supports proactive control of voice quality and call accounting of corporate Unified Communications. It visualizes historical data on the voice traffic bandwidth, the processing of calls and the interconnection of network objects. The solution uses common metrics like MOS, delay, jitter and packet loss, which makes an analysis of the communication channels congestion and identification of efficient routing easier for users.

With a web-based interface, Mentol Pro® is scalable to manage multiple PBX and communication ecosystems from several vendors. With the proactive alerting system, there is no need to interrupt business activities as the solution will detect potential outages and send notifications. Using Mentol Pro® customers obtain collaboration services accountability while improving network performance and availability.

Mentol Pro® is a flexible and multifunctional monitoring and management system for Unified Communications. The solution collects data from key vendors platforms, including Avaya, Unify and Cisco, and provides information to the user through convenient and up-to-date reporting and analytics.

Unified monitoring console for a communication network

The user has real-time access to monitoring data from all PBX resources:

  • Status of gateways, port networks, boards, trunks & route patterns.
  • Status of CPU, Memory, HDD
  • Error logs
  • Access to each call details

Analysis of the voice services quality using key metrics

Mentol Pro® uses common and understandable metrics to analyze the quality of Unified Communications. The system processes call packets and displays quality indicators via reports and graphs, including MOS, Jitter, Latency, Packet loss.

Full visibility over the UC network

The call route is displayed with an end-to-end voice path visualization, including all used Hops. In the event of an incident, it becomes possible to track each section of the route and identify the problem areas.

UC Optimization and Troubleshooting

The ability to monitor performance and availability of Unified Communications services in real time. The monitoring of events in the UC network allows proactively identifying failures. With the help of reports, you can quickly determine the root causes of the incidents and localize the problem.

Call accounting and Billing

Mentol Pro® collects, displays, analyzes, and reports on call data in real time. It facilitates monitoring of capacity utilization trends and users’ activities. Using the solution, you get analytics for efficient routing identification. Reduce telecom costs by providing the information needed to eliminate unused trunks and optimize networks and services.

Costs allocation

Mentol Pro® records each call made, binds them to specific users and departments. You can drill-down for details to assess the activity of employees and determine the abuse of services.

Convenient notification system and Alerting

If thresholds are exceeded, the notification system generates and delivers alerts to the user or group of employees with the appropriate rights. The system has flexible and configurable parameters to customize the list of received reports.


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Red Hat Certifications

This product has been certified to run on the following Red Hat products and technologies:

Target Product Level
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x Self-Certified