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DxEnterprise is a multi-platform Smart Availability software for Windows Server, Linux and Docker. DxEnterprise delivers application portability, near-zero downtime, ease of management, disaster recovery, and costs lowered by 30-60%. It can be used to manage a variety of workloads at the instance level—as well as Docker containers. DxEnterprise is particularly optimized for native or containerized Microsoft SQL Server deployments on any platform. It is also adept at management of Oracle on Windows.

DxEnterprise leverages standalone instances for fewer requirements and greater clustering flexibility. It decouples application workloads, file shares, services and Docker containers from the underlying infrastructure without requiring standardization of the entire database environment on one version/edition of operating system and database. This enables complete instance mobility from any host, to any host, anywhere with just an application or container stop and restart—all while DxEnterprise intelligently ensures workloads come up at best execution venues. The DxEnterprise Smart Availability framework unlocks 5 key benefits in most deployments:

  • Instance-level high availability
  • Huge cost savings
  • Peak utilization and consolidation
  • Near-zero planned and unplanned downtime
  • Management simplicity


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Red Hat Certifications

This product has been certified to run on the following Red Hat products and technologies:

Target Product Level
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Self-Certified