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SmokeVPN combines Moving Target Defense (MTD), streaming key encryption, out-of-band, and port masking technologies to provide a proactive level of data protection that eclipses current encryption techniques and is superior to traditional VPN solutions. Introspective Networks’ patented Streaming Transmission One-time-pad Protocol (STOP) uses MTD to solve the key exchange problem that has historically kept a One-time-pad (OTP), the only provable form of uncrackable encryption, from being used directly in a network. On top of this, data is moved in the network and offset in both time and space to remove all known network attack vectors, such as data interception, data injection, and spoofing attacks. With STOP, a server, workstation, VM, Container, or IoT device can be configured to be invisible to the outside world even when hooked directly to the Internet and still retain point-to-point or VPN level network communications.


SmokeVPN is based on OpenVPN and applies STOP protection to the data as it traverses the network. This makes configuration and other considerations easy for those already using OpenVPN.


Key Features:

  1. Device-to-device data encryption utilizes One Time Pad methodology that is mathematically proven to be uncrackable.
  2. Encrypted data and streaming keys are transmitted across different channels that constantly change to create a Moving Target Defense that prevents individuals/entities from tapping into conversations.
  3. Streaming key is randomly offset from the data in time.
  4. Moving Target Defense can leverage multiple ports and carriers across Layers 1, 2, & 3.
  5. Configuration is easy for those already using OpenVPN.
  6. Drop-in replacement for existing VPN networks.


Available Solutions:

1. Client and Gateway Solutions as a Service 

2. Shared, Dedicated, and Customer-owned service levels

3. Global


SmokeVPN is simple to use and is similar to other VPN solutions.

  1. Any application can connect to the tunnel for seamless integration with any network application.
  2. Interface presents itself in the OS like any other TCP/IP network resource.
  3. System initialization and Moving Target Defense arrangements are configurable.


For more information regarding Introspective Networks’ Smoke solutions, review the attached white paper and following approved patents: 8,995,652; 9,584,313; 9,584,488


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Red Hat Certifications

This product has been certified to run on the following Red Hat products and technologies:

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Self-Certified