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DRLM (Disaster Recovery Linux Manager)

DRLM is a Centralized Management Open Source solution for small-to-large Disaster Recovery implementations using ReaR (relax-and-recover).

Is an easy-to-use software to manage your growing ReaR infrastructure. Is written in the bash language (like ReaR) and offers all needed tools to efficiently manage your GNU/Linux disaster recovery backups, reducing Disaster Recovery management costs.

ReaR is great solution, but when we're dealing with hundreds of systems, could be complex to manage well all ReaR deployments.

With DRLM you can, easily and centrally, deploy and manage ReaR installations for all your GNU/Linux systems in your DataCenter(s).

DRLM is able to manage all required services, with no need of manual service configuration. Only with few easy commands, the users will be able to create, modify and delete ReaR clients and networks, providing an easy way to boot and recover your GNU/Linux systems through network.

Furthermore DRLM acts as a central scheduling system for all ReaR installations. Is able to start rear backups remotely and store the rescue-boot/backup in DR images easily managed by DRLM.

More information about support & services available for DRLM in: http://www.brainupdaters.net/en/drlm-services


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Red Hat Certifications

This product has been certified to run on the following Red Hat products and technologies:

Target Product Level
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x Self-Certified
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x Self-Certified
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x Self-Certified