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Time Machine Framework for JBoss

The Time Machine Framework for JBoss provides a great set of features enabling time shift testing scenarios for Java applications deployed to Red Hat's JBoss Middleware.

This Framework enables customers to use Time Machine functionality to time shift test Java applications within a JBoss managed server without the need to create a separate instance of the application server for testing other time related activities. The Framework allows customers to configure and automatically create different virtual clocks on managed servers within the JBoss domain as well as the granularity to establish virtual clock rules for specific applications deployed to the managed server.

The Time Machine Framework for JBoss is controlled using the Time Machine Management Console, a Java application that provides an intuitive graphical interface.  With the Management Console, users can see the managed servers that are configured in JBoss, what applications are deployed and easily establish real-time virtual clocks or rules that determine exactly when a virtual clock will be created.

The Framework also provides a robust Java API that enables programmatic management of time shift testing functions for the JBoss deployed applications.


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Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 Self-Certified